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About Bob Anthony KOOL 107.1 Oldies Radio

Bob Anthony Fogal

Bob and his wife Pati live in Spokane, and are the owners of Spokane Broadcasting Company, licensee of KOOL 107.1FM. Bob’s hobbies are cooking and coffee. Bob even roasts his own coffee beans! Pati is an artist, mainly using acrylics and oils. Both are avid tennis players. They have 4 children.

About Jennifer Wilde KOOL 107.1 Oldies Radio

Jennifer Wilde

Jennifer Wilde is an award-winning radio personality whose 25+ year career behind the microphone has spanned the United States (most notably in Monterey, California and Denver, Colorado.) Jennifer is also an actor, voice actor and occasional professional singer. She’s a hard core fan of chocolate and an animal lover and a huge chunk of her heart belongs to her grand-puppy, Lucky. In her down time, you’ll most likely find her chatting with one of her two grown sons, hiking through the woods, or rocking the mic at karaoke.

About Buddy Henderson KOOL 107.1 Oldies Radio

Buddy Hendersen

Buddy’s mom was a big Buddy Holly fan and the rest is history. Buddy grew up in an All-American family in a small town in Ohio where he would listen to faraway radio stations in Chicago, New York, Detroit, and Cleveland and he got the radio bug. He also figured his new found celebrity status would attract the girls’ attention. It doesn’t always work that way!

Buddy’s first big radio job was at America’s first major market oldies station, the legendary 1220 WGAR in Cleveland, Ohio. It was there that he honed his craft, met and interviewed hundreds of rock ‘n roll artists and generally just had a ton of fun.

After working at a variety of Cleveland radio stations, Buddy moved to the desert near Phoenix, Arizona.

But after a while the desert heat made it hard for Buddy to remember his name so he and his wife, a Spokane native and North Central grad, decided to regain their sanity and move to Spokane where he heard KOOL Oldies and just couldn’t pass on the chance to play them on KOOL 107.1

About Joe Michaels

Joe Micheals

“Mr. Announcer” Imaging

About Terry Ambrogio KOOL 107.1 Oldies Radio

Terry Ambrogio


About Jennifer Perry KOOL 107.1 Oldies Radio

Jennifer Perry



KOOL began life in Spokane on November 12, 2012, playing the KOOLEST songs of all time! Listeners said they wanted a radio station that played a large variety of songs and shorter commercial breaks. That is exactly what KOOL delivers 24/7! KOOL has now become Spokane’s Favorite KOOL Oldies Station!

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