Buzz Lawrence

Uncle Joe Benson KOOL 107.1 Oldies Radio

Buzz Lawrence

Buzz played 45s on KNEW and KJRB in the 60’s and now is playing the same songs again on KOOL. We sat down for an interview with the Captain…

KOOL: What was the best prize you ever gave away on the radio?
BL: A picture of a cow.

KOOL: You were renowned as Captain Buzzard. Were you actually a captain?
BL: You sure you’re not thinking of Captain Crunch?

KOOL: You flew with the Blue Angels…
BL: And did not hurl!

KOOL: We understand you impersonated a narcotics agent in Manito Park.
BL: You mean you didn’t?!

KOOL: Has Sam Kinison ever offered you cocaine?
BL: Yes.

KOOL: You claim one’s eyes will glaze over reading disc jockey bios. Do you still believe that?
BL: Uh-huh.